Thursday, August 10, 2006

free spirit

i know this girl who takes such amazing pictures i'm convinced this is what she really should be doing instead of her other job that has her stressed half the time but she does not think so. i know i spend hours of pure joy scouring through her photo scrap book. she says this is the worst photograph she has ever taken.


jkb said...

The worst picture? She must be kidding, right? Look at the shadings on the lake and the distribution of light in that snap. In my small world, she is a homer...a pro.

baz said...

Yeah. Me also like Jane.

Goddess of Sorts said...

dang! looks like a postcard!

(that's meant to be a compliment. and anyone else who collects postcards and mounts them on their walls will understand)

Iwaya said...

@Inktus, i'm not sure she would be exactly thrilled to hear a photo of hers being compared to a postcard. she hates taking "pretty" pictures, which means, the obvious ones, perhaps that's why she's so hard on this one?

but i think she would forgive you seeing as your heart's in the right place.