Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is about a young unknown but not for long. You heard it here first. Remember this name: Ashraf Habib. He’s going to blow your world away. In about three weeks when the project he’s been slaving alone, a Herculean task, finally comes to fruition after the 2006 World Cup madness.

I haven’t been this excited since I worked with Ashraf when we were both still Makerere university students that our successors (and this is not meant disrespectfully) are currently fumbling. Setting up Masscom Online was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me and the team I met convinced me beyond doubt that if Uganda’s politicians keep just keep out of our way and keep the country together, Uganda’s future is more than bright. It’s bloody dazzling!

Each and everyone of the members of that original team is involved in a project, either individually or working with another team, that will not just change the face of Ugandan media, it’s going to change the way the world looks at Uganda. I did not realize it then but the gathering of talent around the first Masscom Online was a unique thing. I first met Ashraf there.

One afternoon (these significant meetings always seemed to happen in the afternoon!) Edward Ssekalo came into the lab raving that he had discovered an aficionado at a favorite obsession of his. For Ssekalo to rave, with facts, figures, statistics and all that ever at his finger tips, we were all eagerly waiting to meet this whiz. He did not disappoint. The guy was Ashraf Habib and three years later, three weeks from now, that passion is going to be translated into something tangible for you’ll to enjoy. I for one can hardly wait!


Just Rich said...

What's with the day time soap opera suspense, buddy? "Will his dreams come to fruition? Will this be the project that chages the face of Uganda? Tune in 3 weeks from now when we'll unveil the masterplan!"
Owing to the great faith i have in your judgement (pronounced "no choice but to wait"), i remain in eager anticipation of this revelation. Whatever happened to that dude that was stealing my thunder, signing blank cheques and what not?
"I got no passion, got no patience and i hate waitin."- Jay Z.

Degstar said...

wats with the waiting? just tell us already!