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I Certainly had NEVER thought of Beethoven Like This

WARNING: You may not want to read on if you're female because the subject's potentially yucky and anyway I'm going to go on and on about a blogger who is a woman basher. Okay, strictly, he hates feminists. But he's sooooooo funny I just couldn't resist sharing some of him.

06 November
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Nagging

It has been said by feminists that boys should be taught more "feminine" subjects at school, rather than useless and sexist male-orientated subjects (y'know, like physics, computer science, chemistry, etc, the ones that are vital to the progress of humanity.)

As if it wasn't insulting enough that a bunch of childless vulva-sucking rat-bags dare suggest how other people raise their children, these feminists have often cited music as a "traditionally female" subject boys should learn.

Huh? You mean, males aren't normally proficient at music? Are you saying, dear dikes, that females are the ones who have traditionally dominated the musical sphere of culture?
Well excuse me, rug-chompers, but if you weren't too busy trying to shape other people's sons into your own warped ideology and actually studied history (as opposed to "herstory") you'll find that us males aren't quite as tone-deaf as one may think.

After all, how many female classical composers can you think of?

None. Not one. None of them were metrosexual fudge-packers either. They were real men. Just
look at the picture of Beethoven up above. Does that look like a man who uses moisturizers, eats vegan quiches and talks about his feelings? No. That's clearly a man who writes his symphonies whilst guzzling vast quantities of beer and occasionally scratching his balls for inspiration without giving a shit that his mother-in-law is in the same room. He looks like the kind of guy who would reach for his duelling pistol whilst growling homicidally should any fussy limp-wristed fag from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy dare to skip up to him and tell him his collar is too big.

As for contemporary music, that's male dominated too, and even feminists have a hard time trying to put that down to some sort of sexist conspiracy, given that the popularity of bands is based on the buying public.

The biggest bands/singers of the 20th Century? The Beatles, Elvis, Radiohead, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, U2, get the idea. All men.

The Britpop era of the mid-1990s was likewise male dominated; Oasis, Blur, Radiohead, The Verve. There was some band named Sleeper, fronted by a woman with the amusing name Louise Weiner (well, actually Louise Wener, but it's pronounced Weiner) but they were crap and disbanded after releasing a few crappy songs from their crappy albums.

Women's attempts to enter the heavy metal scene was doomed to failure too because they just can't shout as loud as men. Some ladies tried to enter the Soft Rock scene, but sadly found that the main leaders of that genre, like Jon Bon Jovi and Def Leppard were more feminine than they were.

Sure, there are some female singers around, but they're a bit, well, shit really.

The Spice Girls? Manafactured crap. Manafactured by men incidentally, to sell the concept of Girl Power to stupid teen girls with more money than sense. It worked too.

Mariah Carey? Sure, she's sold a lot of albums, but that doesn't really count because the only people who buy Mariah Carey albums are drooling lunatics who think that listening to what sounds like a rabid cat being sodomized by an elephant is somehow pleasant.

Madonna? Well, to quote Kenny from South Park: Madonna is an old anorexic whore who wore out her welcome years ago, and that now she suddenly speaks with a British accent and she thinks she can play guitar she should go fuck herself.

Did someone say Celine Dione? No? Good.

Bjork? Well, I do quite like Bjork. Pretty good vocal talent, good punching-oriental-reporters skills, and she got her boobs out for some video a few years ago. Seriously though, I quite like a lot of her stuff.

But that's about it. Women have made very little impact in the world of music, yet they - and in particular their feminist harpy leaders and womyn teachers - labour under the belief that music skills are somehow "feminine" and "not traditionally male orientated."

If feminists want boys to be taught "traditionally female" subjects at school, then they should round the boys up and put them in lectures titled "Whining, Making Excuses For Failure And Pretending To Be A Victim For Beginners."
posted by Duncan Idaho

And you know what's so utterly bloody delightful? He's still regularly blogging!!!! When (I won't even entertain an if, you gotta go there!) you do visit his blog, and all his archive is worth your leisurely perusal, look for the 07 December 2005 post entitled 'Scary Story.'

For you Steve, it's mandatory to check out Scary Story. Degs, I think you'll have a word or two to riff about Scary Story and I so would love to hear JKB say something and dreamland Dennis, well, okay lemme ease up!



There's a real underworld in the blogsphere I was only until now totally unaware of. There's some scary campaigning going on out there.


Just Rich said...

I've read through some of the guy's posts and i got the same feeling I got watching Fight Club. That initial enjoyable rush as you connect with the logic and theories being put forth but then it all turns to anarchy and misogyny and at the end of it, you walk away feeling disgusted with yourself for ever having connected with it.
If this guy could learn to come back to the middle and not try so hard to shock his readers and piss off the feminists (and basically anyone else that doesnt brood some deep hatred for women), his posts would actually have something to say.

Iwaya said...

i know this is besides the point you were making, but i just wanted to know: do you think it's okay for women to rant about how they 'hate' men and all that but it's not okay for men to do the same?
and you have to admit, the european divorce laws really do take the guys to the cleaners?

@on other matters: i don't think this guy is a complete jerk. i mean, that take on Beethoven sorta rescues him for me. i don't know any out and out lunatics who have a sense of humor.

Just Rich said...

I dont think he's a crazy bastard or even that messed up. He's just very angry much like the women in the 70's were and even though they had a point (just as this guy does), their anger spewed out in a stream of man-hating chants and so on nullifyng whatever they were trying to say. Bashing of the sexes from either side should not be tolerated...unless it's funny. I said i felt disgusted with myself after reading some of his posts; i didnt say i was going to stop reading. It's the car-wreck effect.
Jack Nicholson: "I don't know if this is a true statistic, but i heard somewhere that there are 3 times as many single women over the age of 40 as there are single men. That's what we get from the women's movement; the chickens have come home to roost."

Iwaya said...

This guy has led to me to think hard. There's a whole network of these angry men and women who are working hard to change the laws. did you click on some of his links? they are in the minority for the moment but what they lack in vocal numbers they make up for in zeal. what surprised me was to find that there are many women out there who agree with him and them.

I mean about the crucial question of feminism. They firmly believe that feminism was a mistake, the wrong way to go for their society. which has led me to wonder.

Has feminism been a disaster?

minty said...

I'm one of those who think feminism is like the fish you went out to Gaba to buy, but on the way back, there was so much traffic jam and the sun was too hot and by the time you got back to Ntinda you did not like it's smell and so threw it out to the alley cats and trench dogs.
The guy is right-ish,a but he uses a club to kill a fly on his window pane.