Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who's your Obsession?

Welcome, let me introduce you to...
Omni asked for this once. Well, here we are. These are the Obsessions, Uganda’s leading dancing group. Rephrase: Uganda’s leading contemporary dance group. I don’t quite understand what that means, contemporary dance, but they do put on quite a show when they’re on stage. I know all of them, not as well I would like but…well…anyway, who’s your favorite Obsession? I have one.

the girls

They’ll probably skin me alive and but I spoke to two gents already too… and I’m quoting…

(Very Important Entertainment Writer): oh and my fav Obsession used to B Cleo.
(V.I.E.W): okay.
hetaeri1: then she did what?
hetaeri1: it seems she's many peoples fav
(V.I.E.W.):she seemed the most "intelligent".
hetaeri1: seemed and then?
(V.I.E.W): neva felt sweet like Sharon and Brenda.

and another vote for...
"Cleo, which I am told is her name in short, is known most widely for her contribution towards the Obsessions, a troupe of… well, I was going to say “dancers” but then I am old school. I saw it all, from breakin’ to Backstreet boys and in my opinion, coordinated waving of hands and wiggling of hips does not qualify as high caliber choreography. And as for their singing, I saw the video, yes, but the women were too topless for me to pay attention to anything they were saying. However, I have heard that they are not dismal. Cleo, as we were saying before we were rudely interrupted, is known most widely as one of the six surviving Obsessions, but her talents range much further than that. A veritable renaissance woman, this youngster has served as a tv presenter, aerobics instructor, is currently a billed staff writer for a glossy magazine, and one night when I went to bed late, I turned on the radio and there she was. On the radio, not the bed. Kohirwe is a deejay too.Such an array of talents must be celebrated, and that is why I am pleased to announce that Cleo Obsession is the Woman of the Year so far."



Degstar said...

i'm for Cleo mate.
that Kazigo she has is just too hard, man. plus she got the most meat on her bones; a woman gotta have sumtin you can grab ahold of, gotta have sum'

CountryBoyi said...

i associate obsessions girls with immoral dancing. so, they dont really attract my attention that much. but one mark up for cleo for her stint at african woman magazine. actually today i read her story on karitas. moses serugo -i respect him deeply as a fine entertainment writer. in fact i've learnt so much from him...

softouch said...

Am a Kenyan dude and after watching these gals do their thing....i am coming to Kampala to meet them someone give me their contacts am coming with my kenyan jamaz to have a party with these queens. We would like to thro a party for these gals for doing east africa proud their standards are veeeery high its only natural that we give them kudos.

Walaaaa, they are such queens and seeeeeexxxxy....pls send their numbers to +254 722 208773