Thursday, June 08, 2006

this is why kampala's the place to be

you know that fav women saying about men, "can't live with them, can't live without them"? well, Ug and i are like that. i can't leave this country (and believe me the offers have been temptating), give up on her. something keeps me here working when all says that my effort is in vain. Ug and i, it's a tumultous affair only death will terminate but even then i have a few doubts. i have been thinking about this. i have been thinking about a few of the things keep me at the wheel...

you know when this comes in handy. just don't tell the kids where it is at.

the genius over at www. / www.

though rumor has it he's had it with this town. fingers crossed it's not true. really crossed. Throwing over writing for the time being, he's taken to making leather bags. men's bags, women's bags, travel bags. he says he's still in his apprenticeship stage but they are already very, very good.

(otherwise known as www. They don't make this vintage anymore.

fatboy of sanyu fm, breakfast with sanyu
Rookies learn from the master! never stale, never out of style, never trivial, always fun. bad idea on the radio really.

degstar's blog
the first blog i read even before even madandcrazy when i sign in. with Deg's "His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly's wings" (Kaiza tell 'em where that comes from!). I'm never tempted to bend a knee so i make a bow in Deg's direction. I have had several opportunities to meet Degs but i have not taken them. Will he live upto my expectations? Lovely Amphibian (CLASS is this guy) knows all about that. It wouldn't be Deg's fault if he didn't but somehow i think he would.

'tis not the place that's magical, 'tis the company.

ronnie mulindwa (the Obsessions), charles muhumza (the Education Times), magoba brian (possibly uganda's best freelance dancer and a Red Cross station in himself)
these guys just don't seem to get what lying on the mat to the count of ten means! they never quit, even when commonsense which they have plenty of says the game is over. in a country with a government that delights in beating out any individuality, they are a delight for the eye, the ear and the heart.


on 17th april 2006, easter eve i nearly wept for the first time since i was 12. i thought betsy had died and sent this frantic sms to a dear friend who had tried to administer cpr to her in what i believed at the time was a vain effort, "A hard disk is the soul of a computer? That means Betsy's dead!! Fuck Easter eve!" Betsy was named after a baby skinned babe who gave tremendous (gasp!) nevermind... All my blog entries emante from her and that day when i thought she was dead and spent a month without her company, let's say i have been pampering her ever since!


austin bukenya
a living neglected national treasure (the one and only reason why i will sometimes admit i was once a Makerere University student because it gives me the chance to add that for a few months he was my literature lecturer. But he is much more than that. At the date of this post, he holds the record as the author of the best written ugandan novel ever and i'm getting an autographed copy soon!!!) for you who have never read The People's Bachelor by Austin Bukenya, a sample follows... sometime next week (!).

when Olivia writes
the only funny woman i have ever met.

I met this guy when inebriated i returned to the folks one night after a month's absence. he was fist-sized kit curled on my chest about 4am. 'twas his first day there. dogs are in terror of him. he's the baddest ass fighting Tommy in the neighborhood.


Iwaya said...

to all the blog readers who sent me concerned mail about the spirit in the first picture, the vodkha's not coming down!

Jay said...

Its your blog keep the vodka up. But that stuff scares me men. Looks like it can liquify the liver.
I'll stick to Club and UG.

Lovely Amphibian said...

when Olivia writes. WHEN is the operative word here. someone tell that chick to do what she was sent to earth to do. said...

As a former Heavy drinker of UG. i can now see that kampala is full of'spirit'!Cheers!