Saturday, June 10, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Will someone out there please, please, PLEASE(!) tell me which is the best Eminem album because i can't. I'll even settle for the best Eminem song. It's like this guy's lyrics on my mind these days all the damn time! That's my word.


Just Rich said...

Eminem's best album thus far: The Marshall Mathers LP. Every track was on point and he'd taken it to another level. I think his style lost its novelty after that, even though he is always lyrically inventive. Kinda like what's likely to happen to Kanye if he cant take it passed the sped up samples on Graduation, later this year.
Em's Encore has some great tracks too. The 2nd verses of "Rainman" and "my 1st single" are outstanding.

baz said...

For sheer heart, soul and passion, The Slim Shady LP. For emceeing, Marshall Mathers. For artistic maturity, Eminem Show. As for Encore, me I believe he was deliberately trying to fall off.

Iwaya said...

Is it blasphemous to wonder if Eminem was/ is better than Biggie and 2pac?