Wednesday, June 28, 2006

in my travels

ya'll know how i'm, i'm a picture freak! i see a beautiful picture, i gotta have that pictrure and not only that, i gotta show it to everyone. that's just who i'm. i can't rest till everyone's seeing what i see and hopefully appreciating as much. i don't want to get mushy but i think it's wrong not to share beautiful things or a thing of beauty. i know this may sound skewered logic to some but i believe that we all contribute somehow to things of beauty and therefore deserve to share them equally too.

but i have been getting an education. In her Saturday, June 24, 2006 post Omni showed me how this is or a bad habit so i gotta be a lot more careful. you never know who's reading this and before you know it, i could be sued off the net for good. rightly so, i must add. any creator deserves to earn from their intellectual labour and it's not right to get props off them (and more bitingly, money) without at least acknowledging who the creator is.

which brings me meanderingly to what this post is about. i have been diving in all sorts of places and again i got some real dishes of pix which i think all you fellow picture freaks will like, maybe a few even drool over.

i don't bitch a lot about my situation because much of it is self-made and the parts that aren't, well there are lotsa people out there i know doing much worse. but i have always honestly felt that i was kicked out the creator's workshop a little too soon without my drawing skills. i deserved to be able to draw! i mean, since i was 12 i have been the target of several artist friends who drawn cartoons of me and this deplorable habit continues to today! (remind me to put up a gallery of this sometime). surely i deserved to be able to draw too.

the camera, i'm shakily learning to handle and soon, very soon, you'll be enjoying or enduring my first efforts. but in the meantime, what i dug up for your viewing pleasure...


I know it was staged and all but it still in my book sizzles! It's the omph(!) factor of it all. if you know what i mean. got it off one of those websites i'm always swearing this is the last time i ever visit, goddamit. and i think you go there too!

but i like to keep it local whenever i can and most of the time so local we go...

i like to call this picture the hunger artist (Franz Kafka fans, wave a little! strangely, i hear it more often these days, apparently Kafka was convinced he was writing comedy! story for another day). i know this guy, sorta anyway, nearly interviewed him when i was doing a piece on streetballing in Kampala but he didn't have the transport money to make it to the interview venue. this is one of the pictures some guy came to Ug and took of the leading artists in the underground hiphop movement.

i think we all like the guiter, don't we?

is this nearly world class? can you identify where in Kampala this picture was taken? ( Jay this is for you especially!) this lady can write. she's called Saint CA and she refuses to be famous.

if this isn't product endorsment, i don't know what is.

i'm told this is a bar called Spot After (are you as delighted by the name too?) These last two pix belongs to the guys i sometimes work for when i have it together. they got very good lawyers so before you go and steal this picture, think about the consequences. don't say i didn't warn you! that said, this could be a very good place for Jay and Dennis to buy me that drink they owe me since Ghana were soundly spanked.


CountryBoyi said...
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CountryBoyi said...

St. CA, it’s not that she’s against becoming famous –it's just that this is Africa. If u aren’t Chameleon, there is no way you're gonna sell. And the kissing couple, the lady must the lady who sung 'Truth Is?' I once watched her being interviewed on LTV. Man she's been 'through the mill' What niggers call 'shit.' But in Jesus, she found salvation. She’s content now. About that Ghana freak, isn’t she for lovely?

savage said...

Is that Jammie Foxx sucking face with Fantasia?

savage said...

@Dadennism-I have a feeling what Iwaya meant was that Saint CA refuses to be a famous writer. Yeah, she is quite a good writer and poet. A while back she and I put in some time over at

Darlkom said...

i know hannah but she looked so different. i loved the product endorsement pic.

Jay said...

I will buy the consolation drink when brazil is beaten.

Minega said...

Good to meet a Kafka fan. If he thought he was writing comedy then the joke is lost on me- I can't remember laughing throughout 'The trial':)maybe a case can be made for 'Metamorphosis'

Iwaya said...

@Denis, it's not that it's just Uganda, and Savages, yes you're right about her reluctance to be a famous writer if the singing thing is failing but i think with Saint CA, it'snot just a matter of not being received gladly by the audience. i'm sorry to say this, but that chick makes it quite hard to promote her even if one wanted!i'm speaking from tough experience.

@Savage, yeah that is Jamie Foxx with Fantasia. I think this sucking face thing is a publicity stunt of hers, a stage act, yuck!

@Dee, do you know everyone????

@Minega, I have been a fan of Kafka ever since i first saw the cover of his book of short stories with stickmen he had drawn from his diary. I have been a fan ever since! critics,you know them,say he was writing comedy. maybe it is true that germans have no sense of humor, if this is true?

@Jay, that drink could be done with right now,oh yes,it could be done with right now.