Friday, June 23, 2006

He's Back! He's Back!


i know i should be supporting African teams, I know i should be rooting for Ghana against all the odds to whip Brazil when they meet, but i'm not. heck, am not even sorry! I'm for Brazil, I'm for Ronaldo. I'm for the underdog. Yes, Ronaldo's the underdog here. The poor (irony! irony!) guy's got so much stick in the lead up to this tournament and during his first two games, he could well be hobbling on stilts if he wanted. But he's hang in there.

This is probably Ronaldo's last World Cup, and call me a sentimental schumuck, I want the big man to go out with a big bang. He deserves it. That's all I ask from the fates this World Cup.

But do we even need to think about if for a moment? Like Native Son said, "All said and done, Ghana cannot beat Brazil. Ghana wouldn’t eliminate Brazil unless God intervenes." Too true! Okay, I'm taking bets.


Just Rich said...

I was caught up in the underdog fever and heavily rooting for Japan. I lost my mind when they scored but as soon as Ronaldo started to actually move his lazy ass and tapped that first goal, something inside me died.
One of the commentators made an interesting remark; he said if a player can just lurk around in the keeper's box waiting to pounce on a loose ball, barely moving, hardly jumping for the headers, then brazil might as well just have Pele come back and play for them.
He's not wrong.

countryboy said...

I've said it before. And am not coy 2 repeat: Ghana is going all the way. Did u see the class with which they outplayed Czech Republic? And don't u know that God is a fair man: that he has decided it's time for Africa to carry gold home? Watch this space. And mine!!!

Jay said...

100 grand on Ghana to beat Brazil. Hopefully the powers that control these things cannot let a broke fellow like me lose my dimes.

countryboy said...

ok jay. i agree 2 chew yo 100grand but am not staking anything myself. i hope u are a gentleman. gentlemen honour their word.

Iwaya said...

Y'all know that I'm for Brazil. Brazil is going all the way and the loser buys us a round of whatever each of us is having prefarably at Steakout!

Iwaya said...

Jay, Dennis, don't even try that african patriotism line on me, 'tis the end of the month and i'ma collecting!!!

CountryBoyi said...

i knew u would jump on us. we lost but so what? atleast we went down fighting. in fact, u iwaya should be ashamed of yourself. in the hour of need when we would have done with your support most, u turn to the enemy and bring us down. surely judgement day will sort u out. beside 2010 is near. we shall see who'll have the last laugh this time round!