Monday, January 09, 2006

a walk on the wild side

I know you know Best Buys. You gotta know Best Buys. Come on!!! On Pilkington Road. Not exactly in a building opposite Worker’s House. But you get the general part of town where that is at, don’t you? I was there, Tuesday. Evening. Boy, was I there!

Now you know many people say when they are happy, in the moment, most people do not know, ‘this is happiness. This is me happy, I’m happy right now.’ But not me. Me, I usually know when I’m happy, even in the moment. But not this Tuesday. This Tuesday was a gift, from heaven and from Kaiza. Kaiza and Kasaija.

I did not want to go to Best Buys. I did not want to go to Aristoc Booklex. I wanted to go home and watch Usher Raymond in In the Mix (horror! Horror!), I wanted to go home (although I did not know it yet) and be blown away by Undiscovered. I wanted to sit in that Ntinda-bound taxi with EB’s walkman on for the last time and listen to Joanita Kawalya’s heart breaking on those early Afrigo albums. I wanted to go home. But with Kaiza there’s always somewhere better to go and with Kasaija, you’re not going home at five. I’m glad I went.

Now I have a hope again that somewhere in Kampala somehow there’s a copy of A Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert. Because in Best Buys on Pilkington Road on Tuesday I found a Nelson Algren. The Man with the Golden Arm. This is why I read every page twice:

“She grew tense to see how the nameless people were bound, as they went, to the streets as the streets seemed bound to the night and the night to the nameless day. And all the days to a nameless remorse.

No one moved easily, freely and unafraid any longer, all hurried worriedly to work and anxiously by night returned; waited despairingly for traffic lights to change, forever fearing that the green light might change soon and, when that warning yellow flashed, stormed through to beat the deadly red. Was there no time left for easy passages and casual pleasures down tree-lined boulevards? Her hours, that had begun so pleasantly, borne on a lake wind by morning and so certain then to blow off the lake every morning forever, now passed in a cold draft from a half-lit hall, rattling a loosened latch.

For since that night everyone had become afraid of closing time everywhere, of having the lights go out in the middle of the dance while the chimes of the churches mourned: a requiem for everyone trapped beneath the copper—colored sky of noon or the night-lit tiles of the El.

“God has forgotten us all,” Sophie told herself quietly.’”

Thank you, Corgi.


Just Rich said...

Finally, a movie buff's blog that's worth reading.I tried just reading that passage. Then i tried focusing on a sentence at a time. Then i tried a couple of phrases at a time. in the end, i found myself trying to see how fast i could go through the passage, reading aloud, without tripping up. I retired without making heads or tails of the passage. But my time was an impressive 58 seconds! "Well i feel like they're talking in a language i dont speak/ and they're talking it to me..."

Jay said...

The stuff guys read. The only Flaubert I familiar with is Madame Bovary, which is OK but it didnt make me want to go out and get more Flaubert.

So you like movies and deep books. Hmm..

Omni said...

I love that drawing-it looks just like my husband, lol.

(Click here if you dare)

Darlkom said...

i think i am in love. psyche. but serioously i love your blog. you have to let me read that book. i have always wondered do u own all the books you review in kawa? if so please, ask Ivan, i am reliable. i would read a book in a day and have back to you before you even noticed it was gone. otherwise keep blogging and i will keep reading.

Iwaya said...

Rich: have you tried reading Finnegans' Wake by James Joyce? Your head will really be swimming then! and he is speaking to you.

Jay: you read Flaubert in school. that is different. that guy is sooooo geat! come on, give him another chance. and if you see any sentimental education, scoop me onto it.

Omni: I swear I didn't know!

Darlkom: I'm willing to bet my inflated museveni shillings on it that you can't read that book in a day, i know.