Wednesday, November 23, 2005

new kiera knightley

another Pride and Prejudice. why would i want to watch another Pride and Prejudice which is no different from the other previous releases based on the same damn book? do they think that JUST because kiera knightley is in it? do they think I'll succumb just because she'll get wet and muddy in the opening scenes with those clingy georgian dresses on, all sleek in lace? Just like I was watching the short shorts in Bend it Like Beckham and bought a projector just to trace the journey of one bead of sweat from behind her left ear, down her lithe white neck, over a pulsing purple vein and down into her shirt to inside her wonder bra and.... no, I'm not going to watch that new Pride and Prejudice!

and do we have another jane austen craze coming on? oh yee "tea sodden grief!"

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