Thursday, October 13, 2005

this game II

I've got to get over the habit of leaving things hanging. as in completing what i was writing in my mind and letting the bitch stay there. gotta get this out. okay, so i made a big statement back there and...?

hmmm. it's depressing to realise its been that long. no, no, this is not that kind of entry! i have done well. better than i thought i would. i have seen many people who started out with better chances than i had fall off the wagon that makes the writing game in kampala. some fell off as a career choice, others fell off but they just don't yet know they have. we are too kind to tell them they have. okay, so we like the feeling of having someone behind us. we are mean bastards. but you have got to be in this business. sounds like politics, don't it? u hardly know the half of it.

well so anyway i realise that i have been writing for more than 10 years and i should say something profound about all my years of experience. i will say something profound. after recollecting my thoughts. in my memoirs. but here? it hasn't exactly been fun and there have been many tears and... what i'm trying to say is that don't become a writer. period. it sucks.

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