Tuesday, October 11, 2005

office cafeteria food

With the exception of only one workplace, all the places I have had the displeasure to be employed at (stetching the term) have always had terrible food in their cafeteria. Can fondly recall only one. This was at Datarun, where Akiyo Michael Kasaija (who, bafflingly, has refused to set up a blog though he could) works. But then there’s a snake in that Garden of Eden that I won’t talk about here. But their food, wow, that food always was fantastic.

I remember when I worked there like for two weeks we used to have chicken, sausages and other goodies for lunch. Expertly cooked from a restaurant that was just below our office. My favourite restaurant in Kampala then by the way. Delivered on time and the company was paying! This is for real. After lunch, I was officially indisposed. That’s because there was a waitress down in Springs that I had to ... er...talk to. And cheap beers to down after. Beers for which I didn’t have to pay the full price either. Bliss! Now I’m misty eyed. And digressing. Datarun lunches were heavenly! They were the best. I give them credit for that.

Datarun lunches also ruined me entirely. True, my ruination had begun a few months before, when I first tasted chef David’s cooking. But Datarun did it completely. I couldn’t eat anything less well cooked after. Can’t even now. And the hellholes I have trudged through since trying to stave off starvation in Kampala have seen my stomach not only cringe but crumple up and totally refuse to admit some of the toxins served as food in the work cafeteria. I was even ill last week because of the food! (my excuse for not uploading for so long. sorry.) But I digress.

Maybe I should just come out right and ask: is bad food served at work as a form of the bosses punishing us for making a buck off them????? Why is office food just so bad?

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