Thursday, September 08, 2005

new government policy?

i have come to painful but i think true conclusion. my government hates me. my government does not want to see me become rich. my government is delibarately holding me back. i have proof.

we are always decrying that our government has no policy. only of late have i figured that this government does have a policy. the policy is to keep the citizens as poor and in need as possible. hear me out, this is no typical rant.

the number of taxes imposed on the citizenary have been going up consistently for four years now. a letter writer in the new vision newspaper put it succintently that "the absurd taxes imposed on every aspect of people's lives." that is part of the government policy i for one have only began to discern.

the thing with these taxes of the last four years is that they are all targeted at all the new sources of income making that the citizenary has tried to come up with. the telecom industry, the communication sector especially when it comes to tvs and radios. property investments. film making that was making a one legged attempt to get off the ground. in fact, let's talk about that film industry.

there's a rumour i heard that i think best shows how determined this museveni government is against people making any money for themselves. this was during the filming of the last king of scotland based on giles foden's weak novel. the filming was taking place in kampala mostly and entebbe. anyway, the rumour goes that the film makers came with a budget that included something like 200,000shs for extras who were going to be ugandans. 200,000shs is a hell of a lot of money in uganda.

well government functionaries stepped in. i would like to say museveni stepped in. hell, i should say museveni stepped since nothing happens in this country until he says so. there would be a collective holding of breath if mr. museveni demanded it. anyway, government stepped in with an objection. they pulled the film makers aside and informed them, "u can't offer that amount of money to these extras."

"goodness, why?" the director Kevin McDonald and his financial advisor asked full of concern, "we are so sorry. we did not mean to insult the workers of your great country. we shall come up with a new offer immediately to better their earnings."

the government functionary, who remarkably resembled the evil nsaba buturo, stamped his lttle foot and barked back(yes, barked), "no! no! u ignorant white men. don't you see? 200,000shs? what are a dollar a day earning ugandans going to do with all that money? that is too much money! reduce what you're offering immediately. like to 80,000shs."

and so it was.

what we don't know is where the balance disappeared to. though we do have a good idea that a government functionary pocketed much of it.

as you can see the government taxes are aimed at keeping ugandans who try to get rich by thinking up new legal ways of making money down. the taxes are so heavy that once the payer has done with them he is in the exact position he was in before he thought up of the new business that was supposed to make him rich.

if people are rich, people have more time to think. if they think, they'll realise what a lousy government rule we have endured and want a change. and a change is exactly what this governemnt does not want. so u can see. the government policy is to keep people poor and stop them wanting a better life for themselves and their fellows. not smart or pretty, but effective.

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power to d people!