Wednesday, September 07, 2005

nakivuubo place

it was like returning home. i have not had this much enjoyment since i began working like this morning. no, i don't spectacular reportage to bring back. no news from dimly lit rooms of brief noontime romantic interludes in a sun blazing working day (another time those ones). i did not walk into a police shootout this time (that happened to me once, but another time that one too). nothing like that. a simple miracle happened to me this morning. i will not even hesistate to bring in a religious term. an epiphany.

i went back to nakivuubo again. not to visit. or to work. i passed through by pure accident. the taxi i was in decided not enter the new park (the evil ways of dastardly kampala drivers who never keep their word) so i was forced out. the taxi happened to stop right in the heart of nakivuubo. and i got out and walked about.

i was stunned. i was breathless. i fell in love again. i did! i realised i went into this job precisely because i always wanted to be here. in the center of the world where all the action is and it is in nakivuubo. laugh out loud if you want or what. nakivuubo is the center of the world and let me tell you what i saw.

nakivuubo in miniscule. that's it.

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