Monday, September 05, 2005

all shook up

this probably is going to make me seem like i've been living under some rock, maybe more accurately a cave in tora bora but what the heck. i just started listening to tupac. no, no, i know who he was. had heard a few of his songs on on fm stations. the sweet easy to listen to interchangeable stuff like california love. that doesn't inspire you to want to know more about the guy. even watched quite a few of his films like poetic justice which made me want to watch everything he had ever acted in, not disappointed in that quest either. but i had never really listened to tupac before.

and guess what, the first album i get to listen to is all eyez on me. reaction: nearly as shattering as the first time i watched the doors film by oliver stone. the thing i'm still trying to get over is how someone whose life (from the little i know) was so fucked up and disorganised could produce such logic, such precise order, and most surprising of all, all the wisdom in his lyrics. i'm still trying to figure that out. it's abit like reading spoonriver anothology and on checking out edgar lee masters' life, find out the guy died broke and bankrupt. i mean, i thought having so much wisdom is supposed to help you fix yourself a nice little nest egg? anway, am raving here and i better get back to tupac world, yes, he's that large.

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Degstar said...

'pac got me thru 'A' level in one piece. i swear by dat nigga man, i do.